Verona Welcome to the Verona Inn website. The Verona Inn is now serving its fourth generation of customers and will celebrate its 68th year in the summer of 2015. Notable patrons include Governors, Members of Congress, Presidential candidates, sports celebrities, and numerous actors and actresses. Everyone has a favorite Verona Inn story. A notable favorite was when Billy Guerin, a New Jersey Devils player, pulled the Stanley Cup out of the trunk of his car the night they won it and said, “Let’s see if this thing holds beer.” Or the time Mark Gelnaw, a longtime customer and practical joker, called to see if the Inn could keep the kitchen open because Joe Thiesman wanted one of our famous cheeseburgers. Twenty minutes later, in walked Mark and Joe. Or the night the doorman wouldn’t let Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in to film their show without ID. He went on to become a veterinarian because he “just wasn’t good with people.” Continue Reading



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